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Lecturers at Forth Valley College, Stirling, collaborated with Natasha Russell, the artist in residence for the Schmidt Institute cruise 'Unraveling Ancient Sea Level Secrets' off the coast of Hawaii. While Natasha was on board 'Falkor' we used a video link to brief graphic design students on the nature of the research into sea level rise being carried out on board. The students were put into teams and challenged to make work which communicated the research focus or findings.

The students ambitions and imaginations flourished as a result of this project, we would like to share what they made with you.

We are grateful for the opportunity to work with Natasha Russell, and for help and support from Logan Mock-Bunting. The students worked on this project for a short, intense period, many have made use of imagery and video available on the Schmidt Ocean Institute website and social media [].

[September 2017]

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